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Fort Worth retaliation lawyer represents clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas in employment retaliation lawsuits. Employers unlawfully retaliate when they treat employees less favorably for exercising a protected right. These protected rights include the right to complain about many types of unlawful activity and the right to various employment acts such as medical leave and using employee benefits. Employees who believe they have suffered unlawful retaliation in Texas should contact a Fort Worth retaliation lawyer.

Employment retaliation in Fort Worth, Texas

Employers retaliate against employees when they terminate, demote, cut pay, fail to promote, take away job opportunities, or harass employees in response to exercising a protected labor right. These include exercising rights to Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, union activity under the National Labor Relations Act, using employee benefits protected by ERISA, requesting a reasonable accommodation to a disability and requesting a reasonable accommodation to a religious practice.

Employers also retaliate when employees complain about unlawful activity. This includes retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination including age, disability, race, sex, religion and national origin. An employee also suffers retaliation for complaining about workplace safety conditions (OSHA), unfair labor practices (NLRA), unpaid wages (FLSA) and unpaid overtime pay (FLSA). An employer may also unlawfully retaliate when an employee participates in an investigation of one of these complaints.

Remedies for employment retaliation in Fort Worth, Texas

Employees who suffer retaliation in Fort Worth, Texas may recover remedies depending upon what statute the employer violated. These may include lost wages, out of pocket expenses, mental anguish, lost benefits, liquidated damages, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and court costs. Fort Worth retaliation lawyers help clients analyze retaliation claims to determine what type of remedies and the amount of remedies that may be available.

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