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Fort Worth Sex Discrimination Lawyers represent clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas in sex discrimination in employment. Sex discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against employees and applicants on the basis of sex or gender. Sexual discrimination is unlawful under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Equal Pay Act and the Texas Labor Code. Sex or gender discrimination can have a significant impact on your career. If you believe your employer discriminated on the basis of your sex or gender then you should contact a Fort Worth sex discrimination lawyer right away.

Sex discrimination in Fort Worth, Texas

Sex discrimination is a unique form of employment discrimination because it occurs in ways other forms of employment discrimination do not. Sex discrimination may occur like other forms of employment discrimination in which an employee or applicant suffers less favorable treatment on the basis of sex or gender. This might include sex stereotypes that one sex is less intelligent, strong, or able to perform specific roles. Sex discrimination also includes gender stereotypes that a person of one sex should dress and behave in a stereotypical manner. This type of employment discrimination may result in termination, demotion, pay inequality, harassment, differences in job assignments and promotion opportunities.

Sexual harassment in Texas

Additionally, sex discrimination may occur in the form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is more than just harassment for being a man or woman. It is harassment on the basis of a romantic or sexual attraction. Sexual harassment may range from sending sexual or romantic emails, phone calls or text messages all the way to sexual assault. An employer may engage in quid pro quo sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when an employer forces an employee to choose to submit to unwelcome sexual/romantic advances or suffer an adverse employment action or lose a desirable employment opportunity.

An employee may also face sexual harassment in the form of unwelcome sexual or romantic advances from coworkers or customers. These advances may not carry the same direct threat as quid pro quo harassment but an employee has the right to a workplace free from unwelcome sexual and romantic advances.

Pregnancy discrimination in Texas

Discrimination against a pregnant employee is also an unlawful form of sexual discrimination. Employers may not treat pregnant employees unfairly because they are pregnant or might become pregnant. This is a form of sex discrimination because it only applies to women for obvious biological reasons. An employer also may not treat pregnant women less favorably in leave policies for pregnancy, childbirth and pregnancy-related conditions. Any leave policy an employer has for other short term medical leave must apply equally to pregnancy and pregnancy-related medical conditions.

Transgender and sexual orientation discrimination

Employers may not discriminate against transgender employees or applicants on that basis. It is a form of gender discrimination because it treats employees who do not adhere to gender stereotypes less favorably than those who do.

The law is still developing around whether sexual orientation discrimination is explicitly a form of sex discrimination under current statutes. However, sexual orientation discrimination also involves gender stereotype discrimination in which gay men are perceived as less masculine/too feminine and gay women as less feminine/too masculine.

Remedies for sexual harassment and other forms of sex discrimination in Texas

Employees who suffer sex discrimination should speak with Fort Worth sexual harassment lawyers right away. Sex discrimination laws give employees the right to recover for lost wages, out of pocket expenses, mental anguish, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and other relief. However, sex discrimination claims often involved limited statutes of limitation and complicated employer defenses. You should consult with a Fort Worth sex discrimination attorney about your potential claims to assess the merits of the claim and how to best protect your rights.

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