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Fort worth uncontested divorce lawyers help clients across Tarrant County, Texas with uncontested divorces. Uncontested divorces are divorces in which the parties agree on the property, custody and child support issues in the divorce. Uncontested divorces are often less stressful and less expensive for the parties because they chose not to fight over the terms of the divorce. Although uncontested divorce is not right for everybody in Fort Worth, it is a good option for many people who can reach a fair and reasonable agreement. People seek uncontested divorce lawyers in Fort Worth when they have an agreement on their divorce but want professional help maneuvering the Tarrant County family courts and converting their agreement into a well written and enforceable divorce decree. If you are ready to move forward on your uncontested divorce then contact a Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer.

Uncontested divorces in Fort Worth, Texas

Uncontested divorces are good solutions when the parties decide the marriage needs to end but do not want to turn it into a messy and expensive fight. This is especially beneficial for marriages with children because the co-parenting relationship and parent-child relationships survive the divorce. Parents who can work together on custody schedules often continue strong relationships with the children and provide healthy homes for the children. Parents can be good parents together even if they were not good spouses together.

One key aspect to maintain a strong co-parenting relationship is a clear custody agreement that allows the parties to resolve disagreements which will naturally arise with time. Over time the lives of both parents and the children will inevitably change and the parents will need to work out solutions to those changes. The first line of defense from a changing situation turning into discord and conflict is the ability to rely upon the divorce decree as a road map to a solution. On the other hand, a poorly drafted and unclear divorce decree can be the road map to disagreement and destroying a good co-parenting relationship. This is a good reason to have a divorce lawyer draft the divorce decree to ensure clear language describes the agreement of the parties.

Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyers work with clients to craft a workable custody agreement and draft that agreement clearly into the divorce decree. Whatever custody terms go into the divorce decree become the order of the court so it is vital that you or your Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer draft clear custody language.

Do you need a lawyer for an amicable divorce in Fort Worth, Texas?

You can obtain an uncontested divorce in Fort Worth and other parts of Tarrant County without an uncontested divorce lawyer. The more important question is whether you should hire a lawyer for an amicable divorce. As already discussed, an uncontested divorce lawyer can use his skills and experience drafting divorce decrees and working with family law situations to draft meaningful custody terms in your divorce decree. Similarly, your amicable divorce will include terms to divide assets and assign ownership rights between the spouses. Failing to draft property division terms appropriately can create problems with property titles and account ownership down the road. You may easily pay more to fix bad divorce decree language than you would pay to get it right the first time.

Additionally, in Tarrant County uncontested divorces without lawyers are scheduled on the pro se dockets for the courts. The Tarrant County family courts in Fort Worth only schedule so many uncontested divorces without lawyers on their dockets each day. Currently people are waiting months beyond the basic sixty day waiting period to see a judge on their uncontested divorces. Divorce lawyers are not limited by this docket and may appear in court as soon as the sixty day waiting period is over and the parties are ready for their divorce. If time is a concern in your divorce then hiring a Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer may be highly beneficial.

How much does it cost to get an uncontested divorce in Fort Worth, Texas?

In Fort Worth, Texas an uncontested divorce will cost at least $300-400 in filing fees and process server fees. You may also pay anywhere from $500-$3000 for attorney’s fees on an uncontested divorce. A Texas divorce begins by filing a divorce petition and paying a filing fee. This fee ranges from approximately $280-330 depending upon whether the parties have children together. The non-filing spouse must be served with process (a copy of the petition and a citation) by a process server unless the spouse signs a waiver of service. This generally costs $60-100 but waivers of service are common in uncontested divorces.

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