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Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyers helps clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas with unpaid wage issues. The employment relationship is built on the simple exchange of work for pay. Texas employers sometimes want the work for free but you don’t work for free. Texas and federal laws protect your rights to pay for your work. If your employer violates employment laws protecting your wages then you should contact a Fort Worth employment attorney right away.

Unpaid wages in Fort Worth, Texas

Texas employers use a wide range of mechanisms to deprive workers of pay earned from techniques that skim small sums to full scale theft of entire paychecks. No matter whether your employer leaves you with small amounts of unpaid wages or rips off your entire paycheck, you have not received fair pay for the work you performed. Some of the unlawful ways employers rip off employees:

  • Making employees work before or after shifts off the clock
  • Making employees work through unpaid lunches
  • Failing to pay overtime pay to nonexempt employees
  • Paying less than required for overtime pay
  • Promising comp time or other non-wage compensation for overtime pay to employees entitled to overtime pay
  • Deducting benefit payments from the paycheck but not paying the money to the benefit plan
  • Improperly deducting tips or sharing tips with ineligible employees
  • Withholding the employee’s last paycheck
  • Not paying earned bonuses

If your employer unlawfully deducts wages or refuses to pay earned wages then you likely have a claim against your employer. This may be a claim under statutory pay requirements such as the Fair Labor Standards Act or a claim under Texas contract law. No matter the basis for the claim, your employer owes you wages for work performed. Often unpaid wages claims allow the employee to recover unpaid wages, out of pocket expenses, liquidated damages, attorneys fees and other damages. If you believe you have a claim against your employer then you should contact a Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyer right away.

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