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Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyers¬†help clients in Texas recover unpaid wages for work performed. An employee is entitled to wages for work performed on behalf of an employer. Employers, however, sometimes try to get the work for free or for less than the employment relationship requires. This can have a significant financial impact on the employee and the employee’s family. If your employer failed to pay your wages then you should contact a Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyer right away.

Unpaid wages in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth workers enjoy protection for their wages, salary and other forms of compensation under a variety of labor and employment laws. The two most commonly used by Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyers are the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Texas Payday Law. The FLSA establishes minimum wage and overtime requirements. The Texas Payday Law sets out minimum standards for the timing and method of wage payments. Failing to pay minimum wage or overtime to nonexempt employees can create claims under the FLSA. Failure to make timely payments in Texas can create liability under the Texas Payday Law that includes civil and criminal penalties. A Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyer can help recover losses.

A claim for unpaid wages may arise because the Fort Worth employee received no wages or because the worker received less wages than due on the payday. Either situation may give the employee a reason to contact a Fort Worth unpaid wages attorney about the claim. Unpaid wages claims in Texas have a statute of limitations so if you believe you have not been paid correctly you should contact a Fort Worth employment lawyer right away.

Contact Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyers

Unpaid wages can mount up to significant claims. Many times unpaid wages under the FLSA can be doubled along with interest and attorneys fees. Even beyond what you may recover in a Fort Worth, Texas court the unpaid wages can harm your financial stability. Contact a Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyer today to fight back.

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