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Fort Worth wrongful termination lawyers represent clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas in wrongful termination lawsuits. Wrongful termination, also called wrongful discharge, happens when an employer fires an employee in violation of a law. Not all unfair or bad terminations are wrongful terminations; however, if you are wrongfully discharged you should contact a Fort Worth wrongful termination lawyer right away.

Wrongful Termination in Fort Worth, Texas

Wrongful termination in Texas is generally a creation of statutory law although there are some common law claims. Claims for wrongful termination often arise under employment laws that prohibit retaliation or discrimination. These include:

  • Termination on the basis of an unlawful form of discrimination including age, race, sex, disability, national origin, religion or being a servicemember
  • Discharge for complaining about an unlawful practice including refusing to pay minimum wage or overtime pay
  • Termination for requesting a legally protected right such as FMLA leave or a reasonable accommodation to a disability
  • Termination for complaining about unsafe work conditions that violate OSHA
  • Discharge for filing an EEOC complaint or participating in an investigation of an EEOC complaint
  • Discharge for supporting unionization or a union practice in the workplace

Common law wrongful termination claims

Additionally, Texas has two non-statutory wrongful termination claims. First is firing for refusing to commit a criminal act on behalf of the employer. An employer may not make you choose between your job or committing a crime. This claim includes termination for contacting a law enforcement agency to assess whether the request is criminal.

Second, a termination that violates an employment contract can be categorized as a wrongful termination claim. Most employees do not work under a contract in Texas as a result wrongful termination claims for most firings would fail. However, if an employee has a contract there may be a claim.

Claims for wrongful termination often hold the employer liable for unpaid wages, lost benefits, out of pocket expenses due to the termination, job search expenses, attorneys fees and sometimes punitive or liquidated damages. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated by your employer then you should speak with one or more Fort Worth wrongful termination lawyers right away. Many of these claims have brief statutes of limitations and not taking the right actions within a limited period of time may destroy the claim.

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