How to file a discrimination complaint with the TWC: Dallas and Fort Worth employment attorney

A common question is how to file a sex discrimination or other employment discrimination complaint with the TWC or EEOC. The process is fairly similar for both the TWC and EEOC when filing a charge of discrimination. The charge process is free and allows discrimination complaints with the TWC and EEOC without a lawyer; but what you allege in the charge has a big impact on a lawsuit. So it is beneficial to hire a lawyer up front to make sure the right claims are in the charge. If you believe you have an employment discrimination claim then you should contact employment lawyers right away.

If you leave out a potential claim from the charge ]then you usually cannot bring that up in a lawsuit. If you settle your employment discrimination complaint through the TWC or EEOC administrative process then you will not be able to bring up those same facts in a later charge to prove the claims you left out of your initial charge. You get one shot at filing a charge of discrimination and one shot at a lawsuit.

Employment discrimination process with the TWC in Texas

However, I understand many people do try to file an employment discrimination lawsuit on their own and it’s better that they understand the process and give themselves a fighting chance to prevail. The infographic below explains the basic steps involved in filing a charge of discrimination.

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