The Kielich Law Firm Podcast Episode #2: Uncontested Divorce in Texas

So this is episode two of my podcast. I didn’t realize until posting episode #1 that it sounds robotic. (I left the warp function active in Ableton, if that means anything to you.) This episode is the first to discuss a legal topic and I chose uncontested divorces in Bedford for this episode. I’ve written about uncontested divorces multiple times on this blog and it is a service I am happy to provide to many clients to help them achieve a low cost divorce in Texas. In this episode I discuss what an uncontested divorce is, the process to obtain an uncontested divorce, who is right (and wrong) for an uncontested divorce and whether you need an attorney for an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce in Dallas and Fort Worth with a divorce attorney in Bedford, Texas

This episode is considerably longer than the last and a little longer than what I had expected to spend but it’s honestly less time blabbering into a microphone than it is writing and editing a draft of the same content for the blog. I feel like I could have had a more focused and succinct episode. That will improve with time. Anyway, here’s the episide:

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