Should I hire a lawyer before filing a discrimination charge or complaint with the EEOC or TWC?

Absolutely. There are two key reasons why you should hire a lawyer before filing a charge or complaint of employment discrimination with the EEOC or TWC.

Employment lawyers for EEOC mediation in Fort Worth and Dallas

First, both the EEOC and TWC begin with an investigation followed by a mediation process. In mediation the two sides meet with a mediator and try to settle. The employer does not have to offer you a fair deal. The mediator cannot advise you whether an offer is fair. The only way to know whether the settlement is reasonable is to have an advocate who can assess the offer. Additionally, many businesses will take you more seriously if you appear with an attorney.

Fort Worth and Dallas employment lawyer for EEOC charges of discrimination

Second, whatever you describe as discrimination in the charge will limit your lawsuit if your charge is not resolved administratively. There are many cases where people submitted their charge with little details and when they received a right to sue letter they hired a lawyer but the court would not allow the lawyer to argue additional facts or claims because it was not in the charge. You should hire an employment lawyer to help you draft the charge and if necessary litigate all your claims in Dallas or Fort Worth.

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You may not be sure about your situation and whether you want to pursue an employment discrimination claim against your employer or former employer. That is very understandable. It is a huge undertaking. It’s not a decision you should make lightly. You may want to consult with an employment lawyer just to help decide whether your case is worthwhile before taking the next step or even hiring an attorney to represent you in the next step. Employment lawyers frequently consult with potential clients about their employment discrimination situation and what to consider about your options. You should not feel pressured to hire an employment lawyer right away or to file an EEOC charge right away.

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