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Dealing with Debts in Divorce

Studies suggest the average household in Dallas and Fort Worth has roughly $7,000 in credit card debt. When adjusted to include only households with credit card debt that number increases to over $15,000. Debts owed by a married couple at the time of divorce may include significant credit card debt in addition to car loans, mortgages, 401k loans, personal bank loans and business debts. Debts are part of a divorce whether parties hire divorce attorneys in Fort Worth or Bedford or do it themselves. To avoid the debt issues leaves risky financial problems waiting to blow up in the future. That is something...

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Will the Ashley Madison hack lead to more divorces in Tarrant County, Texas?

You probably heard about the recent release of a massive database of information about Ashley Madison users by a hacktivist group aimed at challenging Ashley Madison's business model of creating opportunities for spouses to cheat. If you are an Ashley Madison user then this news might be alarming. Many people, including some divorce attorneys, await a tidal wave of divorces the release will spur. As a Texas divorce attorney I do not see a significant impact on the number of divorces. So let's talk a little about why the Ashley Madison hack may not be such a big deal. What was released in...

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Do I need a divorce for my common law marriage in Texas?

Yes, Texas requires a divorce to dissolve a common law marriage; but the question is not as simple as you might think. Texas recognizes a common law marriage or an informal marriage as equal to a formal marriage. It requires a divorce (or annulment or death) to dissolve the marriage. The Texas Family Code has a statutory definition of a common law marriage as an "informal marriage". This makes it equal in force to a formal marriage created by a marriage license and marriage ceremony. As a result, you will need the help of a Fort Worth divorce lawyer to...

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Texas Supreme Court Approved Uncontested Divorce Forms

Texas divorce lawyers wept openly when the Texas Supreme Court approved a standardized form for uncontested divorces in Texas. Why would they weep? Well the forms are a substitute process to complete divorce through Texas family courts that clears out a lot of the complex legal petitions and forms in favor of something that a non-lawyer can fill out. So that means lawyers who run their practice selling cheap uncontested divorce services are likely going to lose some business. Bedford divorce lawyer and Fort Worth divorce attorney Adam Kielich discusses uncontested divorce forms The new forms are a twenty-five page bundle of...

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Who should get an uncontested divorce with a Bedford divorce attorney?

An uncontested divorce in Fort Worth and Dallas is a divorce where both spouses have come to an agreement about all property and child issues. They require a divorce lawyer to assist them with drafting the legal documents and navigate the court system. An uncontested divorce is cheaper and many lawyers (including this Bedford divorce attorney) offer flat fees to help clients. Uncontested divorce is not right for everybody but it is a good option for many. Who should pursue an uncontested divorce in Fort Worth, Bedford, or Dallas? If you do not have children or significant property and you and your spouse...

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Bedford Divorce Attorney Addresses the Top Five Divorce Questions

If you are contemplating divorce in Tarrant County or Dallas County or you know a divorce is going to happen you probably have a lot of questions – definitely more than five questions. 1. How much is this divorce in Fort Worth or Bedford going to cost? A divorce in Texas requires paying a filing fee with the court, attorney fees and often the price of serving your spouse with the divorce petition. The filing fee differs by county but is around $300. Serving your spouse is not always necessary but if your spouse must be served it is another $75. The amount...

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