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Can my employer change the 401k plan or make an exception for me?

Generally, no. The federal regulations that govern 401k plans require that 401k plans do not discriminate against employees. Plans must have uniform rules and the rules must apply in a uniform manner. For example, if your plan permits hardship withdrawals it must establish specific rules for those distributions. Plans can establish some variances in rules across different business units, but once the rules become effective they cannot change without amending the entire plan. In order to make an exception or change the rules, the plan has change for everybody. Even when a 401k plan desires to make a change, changes often require amending...

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What is the difference between a 401k plan and a deferred compensation plan? Dallas employee benefits lawyer explains

Generally, both plan formats defer compensation because the employee has elected to defer taking cash in hand to obtain some additional benefit, such as deferring taxes on the money or investing on a tax deferred basis. Under more specific legal definitions, there is a distinction between how these different plans work. Today's post will discuss some of the key differences between these types of employer-sponsored retirement plans through the eyes of an employment law attorney. 401k plans and ERISA 401k plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) along with other defined contributions plans like ESOPs. They must be available to...

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Can I use my 401k to buy a business, franchise, house, investment property, etc.? Texas QDRO lawyer explains

There are many retirement asset-funded investment and business schemes that run from taking loans to “rollover as business startup” (ROBS) plans. They have been around for many years and typically they are generally a bad idea. I discourage most would-be investors due to the legal and financial liability involved. I have had people come to my law firm from Fort Worth and Dallas looking for information about these types of 401k plans and as a Fort Worth employment lawyer I rarely find these plans a good idea. What are 401k rollover as business startup plans in Dallas-Fort Worth? These plans are concocted by financial...

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