When do I get my last paycheck when I quit or get fired in Dallas-Fort Worth? Texas employment lawyer

Each state has different rules about when an employer must pay you your last paycheck and in Texas the rules for your final paycheck set different dates depending upon who terminated the employment relationship. In Dallas or Fort Worth, if you terminate your employment then the employer has until the next regular payday to issue your last paycheck. If fired or laid off then the employer has six calendar days to issue your last paycheck. If the sixth day is a day the employer normally closes, such as a holiday or weekend, then the employer has until the next regular work day to issue payment.

The big exception to both deadlines is if you are paid commissions for some or all of your work. If you receive commissions the employer may pay commissions on the regular commission schedule. Often commission-paid employees are not aware that employers can delay commission payments until their normal schedule. There is no way to force early commission payments. However, if commissions are due for payment and you have not received them then you may have a wage claim for those payments or choose to pursue commission payments in court with the help of a Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas employment lawyer.

Employment attorney in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas for unpaid wage claims

If you do not receive your final pay you can file a wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission or Department of Labor. You can also file suit to recover wages. Often what happens is the employer makes payment a week or two later. It is more convenient for their payroll processing, and the claim or suit ends up being a moot point. However, employers do sometimes neglect to make any payment, illegally withhold payment, or fail to pay the full amount. In these cases, the claim or suit is very important. Both suits and claims have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you chose an option you should discuss your situation with an employment lawyer.

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